Immunisation, screening and other health topics in audio format


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Illnesses and conditions


After immunisations for young people (audio)

What young people might expect after immunisation, including common side effects

BCG and your baby (audio)

The BCG vaccine helps protect your baby against tuberculosis (TB)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine (audio)

Coronavirus vaccination helps to reduce your risk of developing coronavirus and makes symptoms milder if you catch the virus

Help protect your baby from whooping cough (audio)

This audio explains why should get your whooping cough vaccine if you're 16 weeks pregnant or more.

Hepatitis B and your baby (audio)

Hepatitis B immunisation for babies

HPV vaccine (audio)

Helps to protect against head and neck, cervical and anogenital cancers

HPV: Men who have sex with men (MSM) (audio)

HPV vaccine for men who have sex with men

Pneumococcal vaccine (audio)

Information on the Pneumococcal vaccine which helps protect against serious infections.

Protect your child against serious diseases (up to 5 years) (audio)

An audio guide to help with your child’s immunisations in their first five years.

Shingles vaccine (audio)

Protect yourself against shingles

Vaccines for young people (audio)

Vaccinations you'll be offered as a young person in Scotland

What to expect after immunisations in babies and young children (audio)

This audio is a guide to the common side effects that could happen in babies and young children up to five years of age after immunisation.

Winter vaccines (audio)

Information about flu and coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines in audio format

Mental health and wellbeing

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